Sunday, 21 September 2014

Guest Blogger ~ Knitted by Steph

Hi, I’m Steph.  

I am a wife, mother and grandmother.

I have been knitting now for nearly 40 years and over that time 
I have started to make up my own patterns to make things the way I wanted them to look.

knittted skeleton

People have asked me on many occasions if I could knit things for them. 
If a pattern wasn’t available I would find a picture of whatever was needed 
and work from there. I have made all sorts of figures small and large.

Santa Christmas Toy

This started off the idea that others might like to try my patterns too.
One of my sons then suggested starting up an Etsy shop 
so that I could make them available to everyone.

Christmas Toy Collection

After many silly names for the shop we decided 
on a simple name just “ knitted by steph” .

It has been almost a year since I opened the shop 
and over that time I have been working constantly trying to add more patterns 
and figures that I think people would like.

15inch high knitted ballerina doll

I think the larger mascot figures are my favourite to design at the moment 
as I can use my imagination to try and come up with 
new ideas even though some are a bit of a challenge!

A lot of the inspiration comes from everyday conversations when I’m asked, 
“can you knit  a fire fighter?” for instance. 
Then my thoughts get going and I’m spending the next few weeks 
trying out different ways of making bits until I am happy with the results.

Knitted fire fighter mascot

I also like to dabble in a bit of embroidery when I get the time 
and long walks, to give me inspiration on what to try to knit next. 

I think if you have something you make well that people are always asking for, 
then it’s worth thinking about starting up your own shop and sharing your skills with the world.

Knit your own Halloween decorations or toys

I used to think my patterns weren’t good enough 
but I’ve since been convinced by others that they are, 
so it’s worth remembering if you don’t try you’ll never know 
and Etsy is a wonderful way of starting up your own shop with the minimum of fuss, 
With the bonus of reaching everywhere across the world.

Policeman, postman and paramedic pdf knitting pattern

I also have a Etsyfacebook page, twitter, blog and pinterest
(thanks to my son, who helps me out on all these things).

So remember, if you have a skill, it’s worth sharing.



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