Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lapland Main Room ~ Santa Letter ~ Product Review

Christmas is fast approaching!
Little Red still belives in Santa and what better way
to keep up the magic than a letter from Santa.

The letter comes addressed directly to them and with the Red
postmark saying it's come from Santa the excitement begins immediately.


I took Little Red's to school for him to open.
He was soo excited when he saw who it was from.


The letter comes with a picture of Santa and has little small
details that you can add to make the letter personal to your child.
There are four different letters to choose from, including one
for baby's first Christmas.

There are multiple things you can also receive with your letter.
I love the nice child list certificate.
Little Red has been warned that he has to behave and stay
on the nice child list.

You can also choose for the child to receive the activity pack.
It really is a full pack.
There is so much for them to make and do in the run up to Christmas.


With everything from a Santa stop here sign, a Christmas card to colour,
door hangers, decorations & puzzles to work on it will
keep them busy and having fun.
I haven't even shown you everything that you receive in the pack.
Little Red has already started working on his things for Christmas.

All of the items are really good quality
and Little Red completely believed they were from Santa.
To see his face light up was so magical!
We are going to have such good fun with everything.
Little Red is also taking his letter to all of his relatives to
show off the fact that Santa sent him a letter.

The letters are easy to complete and the instructions on the site are easy to follow.
You quickly get your beautiful letter and everything inside.
I think they are really good value as they are made to such
a high standard.
I wouldn't have any problems recommending their services.

It's well worth making a child's Christmas special.

We received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Guest Blogger ~ MushyP

My name is Perrine. 
 (myself in the Hitchin Lavender)

I am French, a scientist, married to a Kiwi (from Auckland). 
We have a 2 year-old daughter: my little muse who provides me with endless of inspiration and energy. 
It was when I was expecting our daughter that I retrieved my needles to knit, sew, and crochet.  

(my first cardigan knitted for my daughter)

I particularly love what is simple and yet unique, and I love playing with colours. 
It was when I was in my maternity leave 
– the first time I had a break in my career – 
that I thought I could turn my passion for design into a brand… and that led to ‘MushyP’.


The name – MushyP – derives from the Japanese “Moshi Moshi “ 
which means ‘Allo’ when answering the phone. 
I wanted to give the name a British touch though, given that my business was created in Hitchin. 
And I immediately thought of Mushy Pea, but shortened it to simply ‘MushyP’. 
The logo represents a pixie, 
which is to refer to the little trinket I used to find on my “bĂ»che de Noel” (Christmas log). 
So in brief, MushyP is a colourful cocktail of Japanese inspiration with a pinch of British 
and French nostalgia.
The first item I designed was a fabric toy – MushyP’s little bunny.

Then I created pillows – I started with a Mushroom pillow and then an apple pillow.

In May 2013, I had my first stall at the Hitchin Farmers & Crafts market.

Selling on crafts market helped me to know which products were the most successful 
and also provided me with much feedback. 
In addition many of my customers asked me if I had a shop. 
Since May 2014 you can find some of my items 
(bunny toys, Japanese style bunny bags and a large selection of pillows) 
in two shops, both based in Hertfordshire: 
- HUMANITAS in Hitchin (
- MIA CARO in Royston (

I also re-opened my Etsy shop in May this year (2014) in order to make my items available worldwide. It is always so exciting to know that some of my items made in Hitchin are now in the United States, Ireland, France, Austria, Sweden and New Zealand.

My last “creation” is a mini shopping bag with a selection of vegetables all made in crochet and also a special pillow for Halloween


You can find more information on
My Website:

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pirate Robo Fish ~ Product Review

Robo Fish Pirate Play Set | Tobar Wholesalers | Tobar

The collectible Robo Fish craze continues with this swashbuckling line of brand new pirate models. 
The Robo Fish Pirates series introduces six more variants to the design pool, 
each one sporting a very pirate-like look. 
Skulls, cross bones, scars and buccaneer accessories have been applied to five clownfish 
and one shark, all of them ready to terrorize the depths of any fish bowl.
 Just like their regular brethren Robo Fish Pirates are water-activated, 
allowing them to start swimming as soon as they hit the water's surface. 
Each fish comes with a plastic display stand and two sets of batteries to keep it swimming for longer.

I couldn't believe how excited Little Red was about this toy!
He has real fish but of course you can't really interact with them.
That's where Robo Fish are different!

They come in exciting packaging and then this fantastic
tube which keeps them safe before you start to play.

As you can see they are very cute, sorry tough :-).
Little Red loves the fact tat it's designed as a pirate fish.
With the red bandanna, the scars and the skull
they look very piratey.

Little Red has his sat on his desk when he isn't playing with it.
He's taken it to school on a rainy day to show his friends.
Then mum had to walk home with the fish.

As you can see as soon as it was placed in the water the fish started swimming.
Little Red's face lit up!

He loved the fact that he could put his hand in and direct it and play with it :-)



As you can see Little Red is having great fun with his Robo Fish.
As with all Tobar products they are fantastic qualtity.
You are also supplied with spare batteries so they can have hours of fun.
These fish are a little easier to look after than real fish and a whole lot more FUN!

We received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate Links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Panda Soft Drinks ~ Product Review

We all know we want to give our children a drink
that is suitable and not full of added sugar.

That's were Panda Soft Drinks can bring you 
a drink you can trust.

  No Added Sugar  Natural Flavours  Natural Colours No Added Sugar 
Natural Flavours Natural Colours

With guarantees like these your mind is put at rest.

Little Red has been testing them all and he loves
all of the flavours.

I love the fact that some of them are coloured for the children
that drink with there eyes.
Where as others are clear yet still flavoured.

There is a wide selection of drinks to choose from:

Still Juice Drinks

Still Flavoured Water


If you want to find out more you can visit there website
or find them on:

Little Red loved his Panda Soft Drinks
They were brilliant for packed lunches, after swimming
or just days out.
Really handy and easy for him to open himself.
We'll be buying more.

So don't forget:
  • They are only made with natural fruit flavours
  • They contain no added sugar
  • They contain no artificial colours or flavours.


We received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.