Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cbeebies Justin & Friends Live Show ~ Theater Review

I was lucky enough to win a set
of family tickets to watch:

We won the tickets from the fantastic blog:

Little Red invited one of his friends to come with us 
& my dad came (as hubby was ill).
We got the train to the venue:
Manchester Arena.
Which was very exciting in the first place for Little Red.

We had fantastic seats and were in a perfect position to 
see all the fun and games going on the stage.
Right from the start there was a lot of interaction
from Justin and friends and the audience.
Little Red & his friend loved this!!!!
My sons friend couldn't believe it was the REAL people
and not just people dressed up to look like them.

I had just as much fun as the kids did.
Even Grandad was caught singing and dancing a couple of times :-).
The show was bright, energetic & fun.
There was lots of signing and dancing as well
as a good storyline to keep the children interested.

I couldn't see a sad face anywhere!

When you went in the stage was already set-up
like Justins house
This started off the excitement straight away

Throughout the show everything was
bright and full of colour, noise, singing & dancing.

As you can see from Little Red's face we would
highly recommend going to this show
with your children.
It's great fun and is sure to keep the whole family entertained!


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