Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pop to the Shops ~ Board-game Review

Pop to the Shops
from orchard toys
2-4 players
age 5-9

I love this game because it teaches children all about money.

You have a board with each of the 4 shops on.
we still play with all 4 shops no matter who is playing

You each get a set amount of money

each time you pass the bank you get 20p

The object of the game is to sell and buy as many items as possible.

Each shop is a different type Bakery, Greengrocer, Newsagent & Mini Market
different items cost different amounts.
You pick a card turned face down and you have to go and buy that item.
We tend to put the card back if it is from your shop.
Little Red does tend to get fed up before the game is finished.
The positives of this game is he learns to learn what different coins are
you have to learn adding and subtracting
You get an understanding of how much things cost.


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